Ben Keenan

About Ben

Ben was born and partially raised in war torn N.Ireland at the height of the ”Troubles”. So far, so hilarious right! He was a child star in his hometown and possibly the one next to it after appearing in hard hitting and satirically political children’s tv show, ‘Over The Wall’ on BBC N. Ireland.

After two years on the show Ben’s Mum had enough of the hardship of living in dangerous Ireland so moved them to the ghettos of west Philadelphia. Here Ben forgot about sarcasm and wit and picked up some bad comedy habits.

So needless to say as soon as he was old enough he got his charming self straight to London to be re-connected with caustic barbs and dithering put downs. Since then Ben has been involved in some pretty amazing comedy projects ranging from the fast paced and witty musical spectacle that is The News Revue at The canal Cafe Theatre (3 runs) to being a semi finalist at the critically acclaimed ‘Amused Moose’ Laugh Off competition. Ben has also been in several more serious productions such as A Midsummer Nights Dream.

He is a versatile actor with a penchant for impressions and mimicry; his Christopher Walken is uncanny! He can currently be seen trawling the stand up circuit trying in vain to make friends.

He also creates comedy characters such as Moaning Keating, “Ireland’s 17th most popular Ronan Keating tribute act” (…out of 20 other Keating acts). Ben is also a commercial actor and has featured in over 20 adverts for bluechip brands such as Lamborghini, GoDaddy.com, BT, HTC, and Amstel to name a few. But the fun doesn’t stop there, he’s also a presenter and has worked for the likes of London Live and Disney.

Is that all Ben does, you ask? No, he’s also a versatile voice actor and has been in a band as a singer and sang at the Glastonbury Festival. Once a month, he also sings for his supper at Karaoke Rumble which is now Time Out’s top 5 Karaoke Nights.

”This guy is going places” Cabbie…4 stars!

”This guy has definitely got it…let’s hope it’s not infectious” concerned GP

Click here to view Ben’s presenter show-reel.



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