Felicity Ward To Play David Brent in Australian Office Reboot

We're delighted that our brilliant Felicity Ward is to become the first female David Brent in an Australian remake of The Office.

Felicity will play Hannah Howard, the managing director of packaging company Flinley Craddick in the new Amazon adaptation of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s BBC comedy which will be released globvally next year.

Gervais said: ‘I’m very excited about Australia remaking my little show from the turn of the century. Office politics have changed a bit in 20 years, so can’t wait to see how they navigate a modern-day David Brent.’

The premise of the new version is that head office tells Howard her branch has to close, and everyone must work from home. So she goes into survival mode, ‘making promises she can’t keep in order to keep her "work family" together’.

'The staff of Flinley Craddick indulge her and must endure Hannah’s outlandish plots as they work toward the impossible targets that have been set for them,'

Work on the eight-part series will start in Sydney next month.