Jessica Fostekew

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Jessica Fostekew is a comedian, co-host of The Guilty Feminist (podcast with 60 million+ downloads) host and creator of foodie hit new chart-topper The Hoovering Podcast (recommended in the Guardian and The Independent). You can also hear her BBC R4 Extra’s The Comedy Club and The Podcast Radio Hour. Jessica is an actor, she’s recently been a guest lead in Cuckoo (BBC/ Netflix), Motherland and BAFTA multiple-award winning BBC drama Three Girls. She’s also appearing in forthcoming feature films Official Secrets  from Gavin Hood and Greed from Michael Winterbottom. Lastly Jess is a writer, she’s written on Cats Does Countdown, Mock The Week and for loads of other shows and huge-name comedians. “Wears her smarts on her sleeve, great stuff”  – The Guardian, “Consistently hilarious” Fest and in praise for The Hoovering Podcast “so much more than just a food show” – The Guardian


CUCKOO Angela Rough Cut Ben Gregor
HAPPY (TASTER TAPE FOR C4) Viola Merman Productions Alex Winckleman
MOTHERLAND Claire Hello Merman Juliet May
KEEPING UP WITH THE KOMEDIANS Kitty Komedian Comic Relief London Hughes
DEALIN WIV DICKHEADS (TASTER TAPE) Carla (Pregnant Lady) Yalli Productions Matt Green
CURRYS CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL Narrator of School Nativity Outsider James Rouse
THREE GIRLS Sonia BBC Philippa Lowthorpe
NATIONAL TREASURE Woman (C4 Producer) The Forge Entertainment Marc Munden
JACOBS CRACKERS COMMERCIAL Lead Woman Independent Gary Freedman
THE JAVONE PRINCE SHOW Liberal White Person Lovely Electricity/ BBC2 Phil Bowker
GUARDIAN (ADVERT) Principle Mum BHH James Rouse
BBC WEEKEND BREASKFAST Comedian/ Self BBC Charlie McCathie
PSYCHOVILLE Audience Member BBC 2 Television Matt Lipsey
THE COMEDY CLUB HOST (regular) BBC Radio 4 Extra Stuart Ross/Laura Baron
DILEMMA Writer BBC Radio 4 Ed Morrish
NEWS QUIZ Writer BBC Radio 4 Sam Bryant
THE NOW SHOW Writer BBC Radio 4 Julia McKenzie
STEPHEN K AMOS’ LIFE: AN IDIOT’S GUIDE Comedian BBC Radio 4 Colin Anderson
GINO GINELLI IS DEAD Simone Wireless Theatre Company George Maddocks
BBC LONDON, BBC SOUTH, SMOOTH FM AND MORE Travel Broadcaster Trafficlink Chris Lambert
I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY Emily Fired Up Productions Ben Mallaby
GREEN Sally USCC Michael Winterbottom
OFFICIAL SECRETS Female Guard Unclassified Films Gavin Hood
NOTHING WILL HELP  Any and every person when no-one is looking Turtle Canyon Stuart Laws
MURDER TOWN The Boss Turtle Canyon Stuart Laws
IMAGINARY COLIN Stand up Solo Show Edinburgh Fringe, PBH Free Fringe
KNIGHTMARE LIVE Various Objective Talent Corrie McGuire
FRESHLY PRESSED Improviser LA Theatre Barra Collins
MOVING Stand up Solo Show Edinburgh Fringe, PBH Free Fringe
HAPPY ENDINGS Fiona McKellen Laugh Your Farce Off – Pleasance David Reed
BRAVE NEW WORD Stand up Solo Show Edinburgh Fringe Christian Knowles Production
BBC PRESENTS Stand up BBC Rupert Majendi