Kelly Wenham

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Kelly Wenham was born in a tipi in the french speaking quarter of Quebec, Canada.

She started her professional career as a Rosbys dressing gown model at the tender age of 15. By the time she was 17, she was too fat to model and had also broken her nose in a kick boxing competition in stoke on trent.

She then landed a regular role in the ITV series Where The Heart Is and went on to appear in many TV shows including Cold Feet, Life On Mars, Dead set, Merlin, Steal River Blues and Edge of Heaven.
Her film credits include ‘Dracula The Dark Prince’, and ‘Good’ starring Viggo Mortenson .
She is also the voice of Google, Mercedes Benz and drunken feisty kick ass warrior serene in ‘ The Last Story ‘
Kelly has written and performed in two Edinburgh Festival comedy shows
“Irreverent and absolutely hilarious. wrong in the mind – in a good way.”


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EDGE OF HEAVEN Sniper Sally, Hartswood Films  John Henderson/Sally Johnson
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