Róisín O’Mahony

Roisin hair down b + w for web

Fantastic new actress, versatile and charming.  Extensive stage credits and recently shot role in TV series, Jekyll and Hyde (ITV).

Roisin is also part of up and coming double act “Roisin and Chiara”.  Vice Magazine have described their act as ‘redefining live comedy’ with their mesmerising universe of funk monsters, singing psychotherapists and talking wolves. Totally kitsch and dangerously daring.

“Sensual, spiritual, baffling, staggering…  hilariously unpredictable FIVE STARS” (ThreeWeeks)

‘pair of improvising geniuses’ (FunnyWomen.com)


WILD AT HEART Self Edinburgh Fringe Roisin & Chiara
64 SQUARES Anna Rhum & Clay Christopher Harrison
GENERATION Y Vacia Teatro En Vilo Andrea Jimenez
INTERRUPTED Ensemble Teatro En Vilo Andrea Jimenez
JECKYLL AND HYDE Vetala ITV Colin Teague
NOT A HERO Kimmy Roll7 and Sony Entertainment Simon Bennett
SCHOOL OF LIFE CURRICULUM Professor Roxburgh School of Life Khyan Mansley